Homes with a garage are definitely looked at as more luxurious than homes without, however as with all things in Real Estate there are pros and cons to purchasing a home with a garage. While there are many different features that could fall into either the pro or con category in regard to a garage, these are the top two for each category according to homeowners.



Quite possible the top of the tier, having a garage provides a huge range of conveniences for homeowners. From not having to bring groceries inside while it’s raining, to being able to run out to your car to grab your wallet or purse without needing to throw on a pair of shoes, the list of conveniences is immeasurable.

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Safety and Security

It goes without saying that parking a car inside a closed garage is safer than cars parked in a driveway or on the street. By parking in a garage your vehicle is better protected from potential theft or even damages that could occur from either other vehicles passing by as well as damage from storms and debris.



Unfortunately, if your garage door is damaged in any way it can result in your car being stuck inside the garage without being able to get it out. While in some cases you can manually lift and close the garage door, if the damage is extensive this will not be an option. Additionally, without the proper safety protocols installed you could accidently close the garage prematurely, or small kiddos could get ahold of the controller and the door could close on your vehicle resulting in damage to both your garage and your car.

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While the upkeep of a garage generally isn’t something that needs tending to each month, when something does need repair or maintenance it generally isn’t a very cheap repair bill. From springs/coils, to motors and lights, there are a lot of different components within a garage that need to be tended to.

When purchasing a home, whether with or without a garage it is always important to explore and research the pros and cons of each item or feature on your wish list, whether it be a garage, an extra bedroom, fenced yard, etc. Make sure to give your agent a copy of your wish list so that they can help find properties that fit your desires whether this includes a garage or not.

If you’re currently searching for a home, whether with or without a garage, are in need of a qualified seller’s agent to list and market your home or if you have any questions regarding the Real Estate in Southwest Washington, please feel free to contact our office at any time.