There is nothing better than curling up under a blanket to the sound of crackling wood in the fireplace. While it may be a cozy ambiance, wood burning fireplaces require a lot of upkeep that many people seem to overlook when purchasing Real Estate. While there is an equally long list of positives or pros that are associated with wood burning fireplaces here are a few of the cons that you may want to consider prior to your purchase.

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Chimney Sweep

A Chimney Sweep should be done once per year, generally prior to your first use of the season. This ensures that your fire can burn safely without running the risk of a dangerous chimney fire. On average, a chimney sweep costs between $100-$150, however each chimney is unique and may fall below or above these numbers.


Surprisingly, firewood is quite expensive. It isn’t as simple as finding a fallen tree, chopping the wood and tossing it in the fireplace. Wood has to be seasoned and dried generally for a minimum of 6 months prior to it being burned, this requires extensive storage for wood to dry in additional to storage for ready to burn wood. A cord of wood generally costs between $75-200 pending on your area and supply and demand, so be prepared to fork over a pretty penny for that cozy ambiance.

Soot and Ash

Even with a fireplace that has a metal curtain or even a glass door, soot and ash will still end up around your house, especially in the room the fireplace is in. While this isn’t a huge deal, you should be prepared for some extra cleaning and dusting during months the fireplace is in use.


When storing firewood inside you always run the risk of having a few unwanted critters join in on the fun. Bugs love hiding in firewood, and once the wood is brought inside the warmth from indoors will cause any critters within to crawl out and explore.

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Just like with soot and ash, even with a door you will still have some smoke that enters the home. This isn’t a huge deal for many, however for those with breathing problems oftentimes the extra smoke can cause additional breathing problems or aggravate underlying conditions.

As mentioned above, wood burning fireplaces do provide a long list of positives and can be a great feature within a home, however, it is important that you understand the upkeep and work needed in order to keep your fireplace burning and safe.

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