The number of bedrooms a home has is generally always something that is important to potential buyers. Wish lists and “must haves” will nearly always contain a specific number of bedrooms to appeal to and meet buyer’s needs and wants. While there are always a few things that you don’t want to compromise on when purchasing real estate such as the school district, proximity to work, etc. many home buyers are left wondering if they can compromise on an extra bedroom and still be happy with their purchase.

What are You Using the Bedrooms For?

This is the utmost important questions to ask yourself when deciding if you can downsize or not. Do you need the space for a home office? A guest room? Identifying the “what” behind the room can help you decide if you can live without the extra space or not. For example, if you were hoping to use the space for a home office, is there a little nook that could be used instead, thus foregoing the need for the extra room?

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Does Your Budget Allow for the Extra Space?

The bigger the house gets, generally the more expensive the price tag. It is important to look closely at your budget and then see how much house you can afford with the allotted amount. If your budget allows for a two-bedroom home, you need to decide if it is worth either waiting for additional finances to purchase a larger home or if you can make a smaller home work.

 Is the Upkeep Worth It?

If you are planning on using the extra room as a guest bedroom, or a room that may not get used very often it is important to think of the upkeep and even furnishings that the room may require. Dusting, vacuuming, washing linens, etc. are all things to consider. If the room is used as a guest bedroom, try to think of how often you generally have guests visit. Is it worth the extra bedroom or would a hide a bed be satisfactory?

Whether you decide to stick to the original number of bedrooms you had planned, decide to downsize or even decide you want to add an extra bedroom, the key to finding the perfect home for you is to work closely with your realtor to ensure that you are viewing homes that fit your wants and desires the best.

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