They always say that hindsight is 20/20 and this couldn’t be more try when it comes to buying a house. Once you’ve finally settled in and made the house a home, there are likely a few things that you wish you would have known, or even done differently when it came to the home buying process or even just buying your house in general.

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Knowing What You Want

No matter how detailed you think you wish list may be, chances are, you’ve forgotten a laundry list of things that you will realize you wanted AFTER you’ve already purchased a house. These could be simple things such as a sink in the laundry room, or larger items such as a 3-car garage vs. a 2 for that new hobby you didn’t realize would take up so much space. Try to think of every, and we mean everything that you could potentially want within a home and with a little luck, your list of things you realize you forgot will be quite a bit shorter.

buying a houseIt’s Ok to Shop Around

Even if the first lender or agent you talked to seemed to have it all or went above and beyond to try and earn your business, it’s still ok to shop around. In fact, it’s encouraged. Settling for the first lender or agent you meet is a huge red flag, and even if you do in fact end up using them in the long run, you should always politely let them know that you appreciate their time and you will let them know if you decide to move forward with their services. This is expected within the Real Estate World, so don’t feel as if you are doing them a disservice by shopping around before choosing who to use.

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Moving Isn’t Cheap

So, you have all the funds needed for your down payment and inspections, but do you have all the funds that are needed to move? That’s right, it isn’t just that down payment that will put a dent in your pocketbook. Moving is expensive. From moving boxes, tape, moving companies, moving trucks, you can easily spend hundreds and in some cases even thousands on moving expenses that are completely separate from your down payment.

Houses Aren’t Perfect, Ever

It’s extremely easy to set the bar high when searching for your dream home, however it’s important to remember that houses, even new construction builds and newer homes are not perfect. When you get your inspections back don’t be surprised to see things that need repair. While you shouldn’t necessarily lower your expectations, going into your inspections and home buying knowing that perfection cannot be achieved may help so that you aren’t let down or left disappointed.

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