Big repairs are generally not the first thing you think of when buying a house. While buying a house can be both an exciting and stressful experience, we often put on our blinders and try to see all the positives of each home we tour, it is important to make sure to keep an eye out for items that could potentially cost you thousands in repair bills later down the line.

siding repairs#1 Siding

Often something that gets overlooked, and yet can be one of the most expensive repair items, is siding. It is important to look at the WHOLE house, and not just the front. Often the sides of houses get overlooked, and thus, should they have damaged, rotting, decaying, or old siding, you may be left with a large repair that you didn’t expect.

#2 Foundation

Foundation issues are indeed pricey to fix, however, this depend drastically on the severity of the repair that is needed. Some repairs may be easy, and others could cost you the whole house in more extreme situations.

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#3 Mold

Mold is not easily removed, especially in a safe way that ensures no toxins are left behind. Should there be mold in any area of the home, ensure that is taken care of prior to purchasing the home and request receipts proving the removal was done by professionals.

#4 Decks and Fencing

While not #1 on the list, it can quickly rank as the costliest repair pending on the size of the lot and amount of lumber or materials needed. Fencing is extremely expensive to replace, so when touring homes, make sure to inspect the full fence line for damages. Likewise, should the property have decks or patios, make sure to inspect them for cracks, rot, decay, etc.

#5 Roof

One of the most common “fears” among buyers is the condition of the roof, and for good reason! While roofing typically last for decades once completed, it is not cheap to install a new roof and can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Even if a full replacement isn’t necessary, even smaller repairs can be costly as you want to ensure a professional is completing the needed repairs to avoid future leaks or damages.

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#6 Driveway

Asphalt is not the cheapest thing to repair or replace as it can often require jackhammering and hours of prep prior to the actual material being poured and placed. Because of this, should a driveway be filled with cracks, it is important to make a mental note of the costs associated with fixing them later down the line.

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