As Spring starts to slowly roll in and the sunshine emerges from the clouds, you’ll start to notice that many homeowners are enjoying the outdoors and starting to spruce up their yards. While curb appeal is indeed important all year long, Spring seems to be when curb appeal is at its best as many people flock to their yards to pop in some new colorful flowers or new mulch. While ensuring you maintain a good curb appeal can be a rewarding experience as a homeowner, it is also important to do so in order to continually protect your investment and build equity in your home should you decide to sell the property in the future.

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Plant New Flowers

Quite simply the easiest way to liven up your yard is to pick out some brightly colored flowers. Whether you prefer potted plants that line the driveway or entry, or prefer to plant flowerbeds, the bright colors are sure to make even a gloomy day feel more like Spring.

springAdd new Mulch or Topsoil

Oftentimes mulch, topsoil or bark can look far less than appealing, especially when living in a wetter climate, and thus, by laying down a new layer or giving your current mulch/soil a good raking, you can nearly instantaneously make your flower beds look a million times better.

Prune Trees

As long as the freezing temperatures have stopped, then it is time to grab the clippers and start pruning the trees! It is easy to put this off, however, by pruning your trees annually you are helping keep the trees healthy as well as avoiding the hassle of dealing with and maintaining an overgrown tree or even risking a tree from falling.

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Rake the Leaves

While Spring may be in the air, the leaves are most likely still continuing to fall. Rake up the leaves every few days to ensure that they don’t break down into your flower beds and thus make your yard, mulch, or soil look cluttered or dirty.

As mentioned above, you should try to keep your curb appeal up to par all year long, however with Spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to head out there and ensure that your home is looking its absolute best.

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