Curb appeal is a commonly used term within the Real Estate world and seems to get a lot of attention from homeowners, buyers and sellers alike. While you may hear about how you can boost your curb appeal, or find tips and tricks to re-vamp your yard, many people are often left wondering if there is such a thing as having “too much” curb appeal?

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Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to this question, however, there are certain features that many buyer’s will not find as appealing as others, and thus, even though you think your yard looks great, it might render as too much to potential buyers or passersby. To put things simply, simple is better!

curb appealYard Statues

While you may love your gnome collection, your iron horses, etc. If you are trying to boost your curb appeal or preparing to sell, it is best to remove them from the yard. Personal objects such as these may be a favorite among your family, however they are doing your yard no favors when it comes to curb appeal.

Kids Toys

Sand boxes, bikes and scooters, baseball bats, you name it, if it can be moved, get it out of the yard. Scattered toys and kids’ belongings can create a cluttered yard. Additionally, larger toys such as a little tyke play structure could lead people to believe the grass underneath will be dead and require high effort to re-landscape into a full lush yard.


Do you have irrigation systems in place? Do you have a high maintenance rose garden? If your yard looks impeccable but requires high maintenance in order to keep it looking it’s best, some buyers may simply see too much work and choose to walk away before ever seeing the house.

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Bold paint colors are always dangerous when it comes to curb appeal. Try to avoid lawn furniture, front doors, planter boxes etc. that are brightly colored and let the plants and flowers be the pop of color instead.

Ultimately you want to try to remember that bigger isn’t always better. Whether it be clutter, toys, upkeep or paint, try to keep it clean and simple so that buyers can enjoy the space to its fullest.

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