If you love fishing, get ready, because April is a great time to head out to the water and reel in a great catch. You may be noticing that your fishing license is expired, so make sure to have it renewed, as everyone above the age of 15 will be required to have a valid 2021-22 fishing license. Southwest Washington is scattered with a ton of beautiful areas where you can enjoy a day or weekend of fishing, and with so many different species of fish to choose from, you’re sure to find your favorite!

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Parts of the Columbia River will be closed to Salmon fishing come May 5th, so make sure to get out there while you can before the Spring season of Chinook comes to a close. There is a daily limit of 6, and of that only 2 may be adults, and only 1 of those two may be an Adult Chinook.


Get ready to start reeling in some trout. While you can indeed fish for trout in a few areas year-round such as Riffe Lake, many other lakes, including a few local favorites such as Mineral Lake, and Horsethief Lake will be opening up for trout fishing on April 24th.

Trout Derby

If you love to fish, and you love winning prizes, including thousands in cash, then the Trout Derby is for you! With over 100 stocked lakes, 1,000 prizes, and more than 70 participating businesses, this just may become one of your favorite Southwest Washington local events.

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Currently only catch and release is permitted for Sturgeon, however, starting May 10th you will be able to reel one in and bring it home on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturdays in the lower Columbia River areas. There is specific rules and guidelines to follow, so ensure you read up on them prior to planning your excursion.

It is always an exciting season for fishers in Southwestern Washington when more lakes start to open, and more fish are stocked, so whether you’re an experienced fisher who is hoping to break your own personal record, or a newbie who is looking at starting a new hobby, there is no better place to do so than the lakes and rivers throughout Southwest Washington.

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