Moving is a big undertaking, especially if you’re moving to a different state or even across the country. However, just moving across town can be quite an ordeal so preparing and planning ahead of time is really the key to making your move successful and an easy one. Here are some simple ways to move to Southwest Washington or pretty much anywhere.

#1. Plan and prepare ahead as much as possible.How to Move to Southwest Washington

Sometimes you have months to prepare, other times you might only have a couple of weeks. It depends on how quickly your move needs to take place and how fast your home has sold. If you have time, the more planning the better.

Plan and prepare your move by creating a moving checklist and notebook. Start cataloging moving consultants, storage options, rental trucks, and items that you know you will need when you move.

#2. Start packing as soon as possible.

Even if your home is currently on the market, now is the perfect time to pack. You want your home to feel as clean and de-cluttered as possible so packing up at least half your items ahead of time will offer a more staged and will appointed home to potential buyers.

Start packing up anything you know you’re not going to use until you get to the new property such as seasonal clothing, items, documents, books, and knickknacks. Take down all personal items and photographs and pack them away for the next house. By removing items from cupboards, drawers, closets, and pantries, buyers can see that there’s plenty of space and will be able to look at the house rather than your items more closely.

#3. Label everything.

Make sure you label all of your boxes not only with the items that are in them but the room in which you think they would go. Sometimes you are downsizing and so you’ll be subtracting rooms while other times you’re moving up adding more rooms to the house. Try to visualize yourself in the new house and what you will need and what you won’t need.

#4. Get rid of things.

The last thing you want your friends to do is to move your garbage. I’ve heard of moving companies that literally packed up bags of garbage and moved them to the new house. You don’t want anyone to do this so start now by donating items you know you don’t want but are still in good condition, throwing away anything and everything you know you just won’t hang onto, and sell items that might not fit in your new home. This not only will purge the house, but you’ll feel so much lighter as well and you won’t be moving unnecessary things.

#5. Plan the week of the move.

If you know you’re going to move by Friday, start on Sunday and prep every day to stay as organized as possible. Pack items you know you won’t need first and packed the last items that you will need first such as coffee makers, prescription medication, or anything you use on a daily basis. The last thing you want is for the coffee maker to be at the very front of the truckā€¦ Trust me!

#6. Stop and start utilities.

If you know when you’ll be moving out call your utility company and tell them to turn off or transfer service on that specific day. The same goes for starting any utilities and don’t forget the Internet, cell phones, gas, electricity, water, garbage, and sewer. They will all need to be transferred into your name.

Plus, start making a list of places you’ll need to correct your address. This could be magazine subscriptions, bills, friends and family, or any company where you want to keep receiving their mail notifications.

Moving is a big step but a little bit of prep, even if you have a short amount of time, will help make the process smoother. When you’re ready to relocate to Southwest Washington, Vancouver, or any of the beautiful communities around this part of the country, contact our office. Start your search below or if you have questions about moving, contact us at any time.