Deciding where to retire can often be a lengthily process that requires ample research before finally settling on the location of where your retirement can be enjoyed. While there are hundreds of cities and locations that seem to be high on the retiree wish list, one area that is growing in popularity among retirees is Vancouver, Washington.

retireRetirees with an active lifestyle who love nature and the great outdoors will feel right at home in Vancouver. While the Pacific Northwest as a whole is known for hiking and excursions, the heart of a lot of these destinations can be found within Vancouver. With easy, moderate and expert hiking trails and nature walks, regardless of your abilities or preferences you are sure to find a large handful of hikes and trails that you can enjoy.

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While you may not have swaying palm trees and stunning oceanfront views, Vancouver is nothing short of paradise. With the city lining the banks of the Columbia River, there are many beachfront parks where you can enjoy sticking your toes in the sand and watching the different boats sail by. While many rivers don’t boast sandy shores, there are a few different parks within Vancouver that have surprisingly soft sandy beaches including Surprise Beach and Wintler Community Park.

With Fort Vancouver as well as re-imagined living history displays and shows, there is no lack of history within the borders of Vancouver. Fort Vancouver is a great place to explore and learn about the military history within the city, whereas other historical sites include the Pearson Air Museum where you can learn all about the aviation of years past. For those who have a love for the arts, rest assured as you can also enjoy the Clark County Mural Society within the area and many urban murals can be found displayed throughout the city.

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Whether you’re simply looking for a place to soak in the views of nature from your front porch, wish to explore the history behind the growing city, or simply want to take in the views of the river during a leisurely morning walk, the possibilities are endless when choosing to call Vancouver home. With a strong sense of community and annual events throughout the year, Vancouver is a place like no other.

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