If you are preparing to sell your home and have any sort of drainage issue throughout your home or within your property, you may want to prepare to receive lower than ideal offers. Unfortunately, poor drainage is a huge red flag for many potential buyers as this could lead to future flooding and potential mold and mildew growth.

While the large puddle in the middle of your driveway may not seem like a huge deal to you and your family, it may render far less than appealing to potential buyers. While poor drainage isn’t a total deal breaker and you may very well still receive offers on your home, should any drainage issues be present and visible be prepared to either accept a lower offer than expected or be asked to have the issue fixed prior to closing.

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Unfortunately, when living in a cooler and wetter climate drainage problems are much more persistent than in other areas of the country and thus, often times will require continuous maintenance or repair. While it may be costly, it is highly recommended that when you make the decision to sell your home you inspect and document any drainage problems throughout the property. This can be as simple as a leaky faucet, a puddle that forms each time it rains, all the way to a flooded side yard etc.

Once you’ve identified the areas in question, look into different ways to either re-route the water or add in drains to help the water flow away from the property and to the proper drain systems nearby. There are many different companies that provide services to help with drainage problems located both within and outside of the home if you should require professional assistance to fix the problem or problems.

Oftentimes your homeowner’s insurance will cover damages that have been caused by drainage issues, for example, if your homeowners insurance includes flood insurance (each company varies so be sure to check with your current policy) then you may be able to receive compensation for any portion of your property that has been damaged due to flooding or drainage issues which could help cover the cost of the needed repairs.

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Potential buyers always have a list of “red flags” that they look for when touring homes, by tackling any drainage problems prior to scheduling tours and showing your home you are eliminating one of the biggest red flags when it comes to Real Estate, and thus, may receive higher offers from potential buyers.

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