In a world where sanitizing and social distancing have become the new normal, it is important to remember to incorporate them into selling your home to ensure that it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible. One way you can do this is by setting up a nice sanitization station in the entry of your home or even outside the front door on your porch or patio.

While it has been fairly common to see a small basket by the entry that holds items such as brochures or even booties to cover shoes, sanitization stations are an easy way to appeal to buyers and help them feel safe when touring your home.

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These stations can be customized to be as simple or elaborate as you see fit. You can use a small coffee table, end table, coffee cart, truly anything that can be placed near the entry way will work. The stations should be stocked with items such as hand sanitizer, disposable sanitization wipes, shoe covers, etc. As tempting as it may be to stock and pack your station full of goodies, don’t stock too many of each item as this may make potential buyers feel as if you don’t clean and sanitize the station between tours.

In addition, instead of having your home smell like freshly baked cookies, try finding a citrus cleaner and give your counters a quick wipe down prior to tours, this will help buyers feel safe within your home as they complete their tour with the scent of cleaner or sanitizer lingering in the air. While this is highly appealing in today’s market, make sure that you aren’t over doing it as many cleaners come off as very abrasive or overpowering.

Other ideas you could add to your sanitization stations include small packs of Kleenex, disposable face masks, or disposable gloves. If you want to include business cards or brochures, you can get a small bag and pack it full of every item within your sanitization station for an easy grab and go experience, or simply attach a business card to brochures and have them set on the kitchen counters keeping it separate from the rest of the items in your station.

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Just as the Real Estate Market is ever evolving and changing, it is important to try and make your home stand out among other listings to help ensure that it is stands out to potential buyers and remains a favorite among those who tour. By adding a sanitization station to your home you are doing just that.

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